Final Cut Pro X - How It Works - Edgar Rothermich

Final Cut Pro X - How It Works

By Edgar Rothermich

  • Release Date: 2013-08-08
  • Genre: Digital Media
Score: 4.5
From 28 Ratings


This book is an old version for Final Cut Pro X v10.0.9
The new book for version 10.3 is called "Final Cut Pro 10.3 - How it Works" and is also available on the iBooks Store


  • Brilliant, Clear, and Memorable

    By ionsurfer9
    I've read Edgar's manuals on Final Cut Pro X (How it Works, and the Details), and Compressor, (Twice) and purchased the one for Motion. Put simply, they are brilliant. They are far and away the best manuals I have ever seen. They take complex concepts and make them visual, clear, and memorable. I attempted to read other books, and just couldn't get through them, I read his manuals and it all suddenly became clear. My level was advanced beginner when I approached his manuals, and now I feel I am strong intermediate. The clarity of his thinking, the beauty of his presentation, and intelligence, combined with his ability to sift through the complexity of these concepts to present what is the essence of the topic is unmatched in my experience. Being a computer professional myself for the past 20 years, who has received high praise for my own documentation, I feel qualified to say he is the best I have ever seen. You will quickly master the basics and beyond with these manuals. Sincere gratitude to him.
  • My kinda manual, thanks

    By Tom69Wess
    This is exactly how I like to learn, make it graphical. The author is right, a picture says a thousand words. The usual books from big publishers don't provide that, maybe it is too much work. I guess if you have a good author who knows the material, he can write a book in a short time but all those graphics in this manual must take a long time to create. They really help. Now I have the feeling that I understand the application. I wished both FCPX books were combined in one volume. That's the only critic and 1 star deduction. Other than that a fantastic manual and I can highly recommended it.
  • Why isn't Apple releasing such a book

    By AmandaAmando
    This is how a manual should be written. Highly visual, explaining all the concepts - you are ready to use the app. With the $$$ in Apple's bank, they should higher the author Edgar Rothermich to do their manuals so their user can utilize their great products to their full potential. I bought the pdf version of this book first but upgraded to the iPad version of the eBook (unfortunately there is no upgrade path, had to buy it again). However, I didn't regret it. The interactivity makes even more sense and with the glossary I can go through the terms very quickly, almost like a second book. If you want to know how FCPX works, this books explains it.
  • Exactly what I needed

    By Guido666.666
    Very impressive what this author is doing with manuals. I have the Motion and Compressor book from him and love the graphically approach how to explain things. Although I'm quite familiar with FCPX already, I got the two books too to deepen my understanding. It is amazing how more information I got out of this book. There is some context and concepts that are not even found let alone explained in the official Apple training books. And the interactive multi-touch format is really the way to go for this kind of manuals. Other publishers should make notice
  • Highly recommended

    By RichardPr
    I used iMovie for my home movies and wanted to try Final Cut Pro X to use all those great features. I had the GarageBand manuals form the same author and saw the he also wrote a manual for Final Cut Pro X. Although I was afraid that the app might be a little bit too much for me, with this book it turned out very easy. Everything is explained in a way that clear understood. I will definitely by the second part too. Thanks for such a great manual
  • This is the media version to get!

    By Coursedesign
    I first got the PDF version. Great, super-clear writing style, but it looked a bit "flat," and clunky to read on an iPad. Bought the printed version, pricey but nice. For this update, I decided to try the iBooks version after hearing it was "special" somehow. Holy smoke, it was! This impressed me enough that I want to create a few "books" like these myself (in a completely different field). For visual people who want to learn FCP X and Motion, I don't think there's a better way than this series of iBooks. Just put your iPad next to your Mac and refer back and forth between them. It doesn't get clearer than this! The new iBook format looks fantastic, I had no idea. When was the last time Apple hid their light under a bushel? :O) Best kept secret...