The Adventures of Elizabeth in Rügen - Elizabeth Von Arnim

The Adventures of Elizabeth in Rügen

By Elizabeth Von Arnim

  • Release Date: 1941-01-01
  • Genre: Specialty Travel


This travel story is shot through with the Elizabeth von Arnim's special self-deprecating wit and character sketches. In 1901, the "real" Elizabeth holidayed on the Baltic island of Rugen with just her maid, a coachman, a carriage piled with luggage, and a woman friend. But from such unpromising beginnings Elizabeth weaves a captivating farrago round her encounters. There's the bishop's wife and her personable son, a dressmaker and, astonishingly, a long-lost cousin who is trying to evade the pursuit of her professor husband. Meanwhile, Elizabeth's friend goes on knitting, and knitting, and knitting, in a travel story of great charm, wit, and perception.